The life of a freelancer

I'm young to the game, but it's incredibly enjoyable persuing design, and feeling fully in control of what my future holds, It's also quite terrifying to be honest, but sometimes a step into the unknown is a step in the right direction.

It's been a busy week so far, with 6AM starts since Sunday, working on site at the Echo Arena in Liverpool for one of my clients, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday was an interesting day spent working with Fourth Wall Creative, a brilliant design and publishing agency with a great team and a great mindset and work ethic.

It's time to start ringing clients, finding new clients, and getting my books in order, plus I've arranged a nice little meet and greet with one of the local agencies based in the baltic creative, the guys over at Underexposed, they have the coolest studio space ever, i'll definitely grab some photos for the blog while I'm there. 

I'm calling it a day with a few updates to my site going live this evening, oh and here's a little snippet from a project i worked on while at Fourth Wall!