It's been quite some time since my last blog update, a few things have changed, so let me fill you in on what i have been doing.

For the last month or so now i have been working as a Graphic Designer for a company called Social Chain, in an office surrounded by a handful of twenty somethings, slides, ball pits, puppies and a fully stocked bar! in essence i have landed that one job you think of when you consider becoming a Graphic Designer.

For those that do not yet know of Social Chain, i highly recommend visiting their presence on the web or reading about them online, i recommend starting here 

The life of a freelancer

I'm young to the game, but it's incredibly enjoyable persuing design, and feeling fully in control of what my future holds, It's also quite terrifying to be honest, but sometimes a step into the unknown is a step in the right direction.

It's been a busy week so far, with 6AM starts since Sunday, working on site at the Echo Arena in Liverpool for one of my clients, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday was an interesting day spent working with Fourth Wall Creative, a brilliant design and publishing agency with a great team and a great mindset and work ethic.

It's time to start ringing clients, finding new clients, and getting my books in order, plus I've arranged a nice little meet and greet with one of the local agencies based in the baltic creative, the guys over at Underexposed, they have the coolest studio space ever, i'll definitely grab some photos for the blog while I'm there. 

I'm calling it a day with a few updates to my site going live this evening, oh and here's a little snippet from a project i worked on while at Fourth Wall!


Liverpool Lime Street Station

I've been visiting this place almost every day for the last year, it really is a brilliant piece of architectural beauty! I'm going to start a series of Liverpool themed illustrations, or maybe i'll target the train lines, either way its been fun to work on, and will lead to bigger and better things!

Watch out for winter poster development

Here is the first draft of the full poster, the type design needs some messing around with, the snow needs some texture, and i think i'll change the hue's of the design so it feels colder, but at least It's coming along!.


Road Map Artwork update

So here is a little update to an illustration that was produced a few months back, some new characters and some landscaping has been created!

Winter Road Safety

This is the beginning of a Winter Road Safety Campaign poster that will be sent out throughout the company in October, promoting safety and awareness during those chilly winter months. 

This is still very much at the initial stages, as i now need to turn this little scene into a winter wonderland. Snow, Hail and sleet, some extra detail and some vital information will need to be added, stay tuned!

Health Action Stations update

Here is a close up of two sides for the health kiosk, concept 3.

I've based the style of this booth around modern and sleek Graphical user interfaces.

I'm pretty happy with how this style has turned out! It's eye catching to say the least. 

I'll be producing some mock up illustrations soon to show how this will be displayed.

Process Update

A productive day working from home while waiting for the boiler company to fix the cold morning showers! here's an update on the health kiosk illustration.


Work snapshot

Here's a peak at the initial concept stages from a new project i am working on. The end result will be a booth that is used to calculate your BMI via a blood pressure unit a scale and mathematics.

It will consist of three sides, so I've dedicated one for the main information on how to use the booth, one for health advice (below) and one for information on changing your lifestyle for the benefit of your health. 

it's early days yet but my initial concept will make use of a GUI or an IOS style interface, something a little bit tekky!

example gif

Process, Progress and updates!


I'll kick this off with a piece of process work from last night, when i'm not producing design work during the day, i like to work on my illustrations, i focus mainly on the animal form and the natural habitat.

Birds have become a focal point in my illustrations, exaggerating movement and the aerodynamic shapes can lead to some very interesting looking pieces. 


Welcome to Jamie Bryan draws!

Hello all! Welcome to my new website, a home for all my professional and personal work, process, practice and adventures in-between! I'll be keeping my website up to date, as i progress through my career, lets see where this takes me huh!